Ready to start building life-giving practices?

After 10 years operating as a young adult gap year program, we are excited to offer the gifts of Lagom Landing to adults of all ages!

Important Announcement: Lagom Gap Year is Sunsetting in 2022!

Our current cohort of students
will graduate from the program on June 4, 2022.

After that, our Board and Staff will be building a new vision of Lagom Landing “Adult Camp”, to be introduced in the Spring of 2023.  

We will be offering short stays immersing participants in nature, community, hands-on experiences, and personal reflection.

Just as we do now with young adults, we will continue creating inter-generational community on *this beautiful 60-acre property nestled in the “Little Finger Lakes” of Western New York.

Just as now, we will take time to critically reflect on our selves and our culture, and live into the rhythm of creation with a curriculum reflecting the seasons.

Just as now, we hope to empower all ages to build lives of meaning and happiness through time spent on this land we are so blessed to share.

“Lagom” is a Swedish word meaning “just the right amount.”

Check out two students from Cohort 7 reflecting on their “Lagom Experience”:

Through activities such as carpentry, gardening, caring for animals, immersion and observation of nature, journaling, cooking, making maple syrup, skiing, riding bikes, and more, it is our hope for all to learn what it means to live lagom.

Interested in living lagom? Get our updates here!

*Lagom Landing exists in the ancestral and unceded territory of the Onöndowa’ga, or “the people of the Great Hill.” In English, they are known as Seneca people, “the keeper of the western door.” Together, with the Mohawk, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, and Tuscarora, the Seneca make up the sovereign Haudenosaunee Confederacy. We pay respects to their elders past and present. Please join us in considering the many legacies of violence, displacement, genocide and migration that allow for us to offer these programs. We are encouraged to work toward partnership with our Native brothers and sisters with a spirit of reconciliation and collaboration through such acts as:

– Getting behind the effort to change Columbus to Indigenous Peoples’ Day;

– Checking out what children in our life are being taught in school about Thanksgiving, Columbus, and the history of Indigenous People, and, perhaps, having a talk with the school administration;

– Following Indigenous efforts to resist destruction of land and life.

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