Lend a Hand to Lagom

Our organization is fueled by our community, and we are happy to welcome new faces along our journey to help young adults build their lives! There are many ways to lend a hand to Lagom Landing, from single day opportunities to long-term volunteer commitments. We are able to work with individual and group volunteers, depending on the time of year. Explore our opportunities below and contact us with any questions or to talk about lending a hand!

Share your Passion with Lagom Students!

Speaking with Bread: Do you love what you do, and want to share your enthusiasm, story, or creative insights with our students? Be the guest speaker at one of our Speaking with Bread potluck nights, and share with others what makes you come alive.  Past Speakers have been artists, teachers, story-tellers, entrepreneurs, and more. You can give a lecture, lead a workshop, do an interpretive dance, the floor is yours.

Host a Tour/Workday: It is important to us that Lagom students gain first-hand insights into local industry and real-life work of all kinds. We have a history of working with businesses that capture the spirit of lagom (e.g. sustainable agriculture, alternative energy, forestry/conservation, green technologies, etc.) Because our programming is individualized, we also look for different opportunities each year based on student interests. Let us know if you or your business may be open to hosting a tour.

Become a Mentor/ Take an Intern: Our program consists of individualized internships, which have ranged from formal internships to less-formal but equally educational mentorships. The ideal individuals for these relationships changes each year, but if you or company are able to offer an internship or mentorship to our students,we want to talk to you!

Give a Minute, an Hour, or a Day!

Make a Connection or Referral: Help us grow our community and resources! If you know an article or movie that might be useful to us, let us know! If there is a person in your life who would be a great mentor or student, tell them about us! If there is an event we should be at, or a youth group or classroom we should speak with, invite us!

Buildings and Grounds Work: We almost always have odd jobs suited for individuals or groups and that can last from a few hours to a whole day. Volunteers get a taste of the Lagom lifestyle by doing the same manual labor that our students do in our scenic setting. Be in touch if you would like to plan a volunteer session.

Volunteer During our Events: Lagom Landing hosts two primary events each year: our Maple Day Pancake Breakfast (late March) and our Year End Pig Roast (first Saturday after Memorial Day).  Our property is heavily trafficked on these days, and we are often looking for helping hands to keep things running smoothly. Tell us to add you to our list of hopeful volunteers if you want to be a part of these special events! 

Long-Term Volunteering!

Fundraising/Partnerships: Lagom Landing depends on fundraising efforts to keep our program affordable and rich with opportunity. We are always considering new ways to achieve our fundraising goals, and are happy to work with partners who align with our mission! If you have a creative fundraising idea and the ability or partner to help us make that idea come to life, we would love to hear it!

Join the Board: Our Board of Directors is made up of educators, parents, and individuals from the non-profit and business community alike. Joining the Board is a three-year commitment and consists of quarterly meetings where Members contribute to organizational oversight and strategic decision making. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, let us know!

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