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Though taking a gap year is a growing trend in the U.S., and proves to be a valuable experience for young adults transitioning to independence, not all students realize how realistic of an option a gap year can be.  We value all the chances that we get to share our program with others.

In the past, we have presented to educators and guidance counselors who are able to share the Lagom opportunity with their students. We have also been proud to table at events such as the Maker Faire Rochester, and Earth Day at the Little Lakes Community Association, providing exciting activities that engage all ages in working with their hands!

Lagom Landing Students at Chainsaw Training

It is important that young people are exposed to the opportunity available to them in the skilled trades, and to the idea that there are paths to personal success aside from jumping straight into college after high school. This is why we are also happy to come to your classroom, school, church youth group, or any setting where we can share this message!

If you are associated with a group or organization that would like to invite Lagom Landing to be a part of your event, please begin a conversation with us!

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